Monday, October 21, 2013

A Handkerchief Poem

This is only a little hanky here. 
But it is pure and white as snow; 
May it’s emblems of purity follow you dear, 
And guide you wherever you go.

It’s dainty and so very much like 
The girl I’m sending it to; 
May you, like the little white hanky, 
Keep yourself as dainty and true.

In this little hanky is service, 
Service and joy it will give; 
If you give of yourself gladly, 
You’ll find joy every day that you live.

There are things that might stain its whiteness 
Things that water may not wash away; 
Stains that will show ever after, 
And mar its beauty each day.

May stains never mar your beauty, 
Things that water will not wash away; 
May you keep as pure and sweet and dear, 
As this little hanky today.

      - by Anonymous

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